Man goes more than a third of life in bed, so it is very important to choose the right mattress.
Feder-Bau mattresses:

STANDARD - It is good to any season of the year, includes flexibility, and comfort during sleep and foremost, this mattress offers a favorable price ...more

ORTHOPEDIC - Provides ideal adaptation to different temperatures, contains flexibility and comfort during sleep and the top has protective antibakterial ...more

RELAX - It is eco-bed orthopedic character, who is in favor of European standards which provides overall relaxation during sleep and decrease ...more

LATEX - It is 100% natural product composition produced by Shpuza mass or its layers. Its physical properties are similar to the pan with buttons ...more

Mattress should be at least 10 cm longer than the body length and wide enough to lie on their backs when hands are inside the mattress. Feder-Bau offers standard mattresses these dimensions but also produces other dimensions, depending on customer demand:



Like any other product the pan has to use his term. Mattress should be used maximally within 10 years, this period of its use depends on the quality of the mattress. Feder-Bau depending on the type of mattress offers a guarantee of 5 to 15 years use.